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Thank you for your payment. A further email will be sent to confirm your booking.

You're all set!

Please pay the sum provided to you to confirm your booking.

Please also upload a copy of your document as proof of your identification.

Please upload also the documents of the people that will be staying with you in the apartment or whazup them to me.

See below if you need more infos. 

Cancellation Policy

Guests will receive a full refund when canceling, up to 7 days prior to your check-in date.

Guests are entitled to a 50% refund should they cancel within 3 days of your check-in date.


Guests are not entitled to a refund should a cancellation be requested within 3 days of check-in date.

Staying in Italy

If you are staying at a hotel or other accommodation, its manager will fill out a Declaration of Presence for you, which they will then send to the Police Headquarters.


Please visit our Govt website to find out more.

Additional Travellers

Upload documents

Additional Travellers 

1: Your lead traveller

2: Additional Traveller

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3: Additional Traveller

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4: Additional Traveller

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5: Additional Traveller

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Thank you.  We will upload your details in compliance with Italian legislation and requirements.

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