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Hi, I'm Luca

 I have been in the hospitality industry for over 12 years and am passionate about providing guests with a warm, comfortable and cosy setting in the most idyllic and inviting city in the world, Bologna.

I have enjoyed meeting wonderful people throughout this journey so far and have a great team of people behind me to ensure that the service that my guests receive is one in which they'll remember and book again.

I have over 700 positive reviews from happy guests that have stayed at my apartments, which are situated in the centre of the City.

Image by Bogdan Dada

Whilst I live between Italy and Belgium (Brussels), Bologna is my home town and I know every inch of it.  

Every corner is full of memories and a lot of happy moments.  I love to be able to welcome you to this incredible and wonderful city.  

The city provides the finest cuisine, lots of quick bites to eat, and much more to be explored, visited, and discovered.  Prepare to be amazed.


Recently I also met Maria Ketty 


She is a source of insipiration to me, cause she developed a business durinig the years that really mirror my expectations and goals.


I'm very happy that we started a collaboration and hope to continue with  always rennovated enthusiams.

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